🤔 Do Dr. Jart Spot Care Products work for you?

🤔 Do Dr. Jart Spot Care Products work for you?

When you need trouble spot focused care?

Spot worries that can occur at any time even on healthy skin.
If you prepare spot care items in advance, you can take care of sudden spots without worrying.
Find out in detail how to use the ´ctrl+A´ products, which can range from focused sedation to reassurance protection to deep cover, depending on the spot condition and situation.
Oils from tea tree active ingredient containing plenty of tea tree base and the calamine pink powder allow you get rid of excess sebum. Appropriate use for acne tested.
1. Use it right after toner step. Do not shake it.
2. Use a cotton swab to take the tea tree base and the calamine powder at the bottom.
3. Apply on the spot. 


Apply 2 different patches for each case.

The cover patch (red) takes care of ongoing spots with ceramides. The soothing patch (green) protects the squeezed spot with centella asiatica extract. 



High content (73.9%) tea tree leaves extract gives soothing effects on the spots, while its gel texture becomes a transparent film and sticks on the skin. It protects from outside germs and you can even makeup.



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