Acne Treatment - 🏅Top 3 Fast, Simple, Working Methods (Step-by-Step)

Acne Treatment - 🏅Top 3 Fast, Simple, Working Methods (Step-by-Step)


1. Use correct cleanser for acne skin. 

In order to remove sebum that causes acne and not irritate the skin, you should carefully analyze the ingredients and choose the right cleanser. Otherwise, it can irritate pimples and worsen them. 

ne of the ingredients that has proven to work well on acne is "green tea". Green tea contains an antioxidant called catechin, which helps to converge the skin, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. That's why it inhibits acne germs. Also, a component called flavonoids protects the skin in general, including skin regeneration, sedation, and enhanced cell membranes.

We highly recommend you to use "Low pH Gel Cleansers", as these are less harmful for sensitive skins. 



2. Use correct toner

Acne is caused from a variety of causes. When you already have acne caused, the skin barrier is damaged due to inflammation and the cycle of acne becomes irrevocable. For this reason, we must restore damaged skin barrier in such a way to improve acne by applying the correct toner. 

A weakened skin barrier can be a direct or indirect cause of acne because it weakens the skin's ability to absorb moisture and regenerate. Also, it can easily cause acne scars and cause dry skin with severe sebum secretion. What if you use toner to strengthen skin barriers on acne skin?

The toner makes the skin's barrier stronger, prevents the skin from getting dry, moisturizes the dry skin, and helps the skin to cool down. Light water type toners, can also be used for 7 skin care routine.



3. Use acne / pimple patch

Pimple patches are beveling spot with a thin border, so you can apply a patch to the pimple without the risk of getting germs. When acne or pimples come up, you can squeeze the wound out with a cotton swab or a extruder, and then wash it off with a saline solution and attach it to the wound.


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