Why Skincare is a Waiting Game

Why Skincare is a Waiting Game

I really hate to say it, but getting good skin is all about waiting. I've had acne since I was a preteen and I swear I've tried everything. From St. Ives Apricot Scrub to pure coconut oil as a moisturizer (i know), and nothing has worked as well as trying something and actually waiting to see the results.

It's so tempting to buy a product that promises instant results because, let's face it, instant results are the most gratifying. The challenge is that instant results will be no results in a week. That fancy walnut scrub that makes your skin look bright and fresh will cause irritation eventually (if used too often/improperly) and that peel off face mask may make it look like you've managed to peel out blackheads, but in reality those products are not treating the root of your skin issues.

The most tried and true treatments, like tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide, have been shown to need time to take effect. The hundreds of scientific studies done on retinoic acid shows that it takes an average of 12 weeks to make any significant change in your skin.

What I'm asking, basically, is that everyone in the skincare community slows down and remembers that everything takes time. Perfect skin doesn't happen overnight. if you aren't seeing results after a week, it isn't the time to give up and try something new, it's time to relax and remind yourself to give it time and be consistent.

My skin isn't perfect now, and probably never will be, but I've learned that constantly changing products will get you nowhere if you aren't consistent. I am by no means saying stick with a product even if it isn't working for you, ditch it if it doesn't help after around a month and a half to two months. If you notice negative side effects that aren't purging, dump it. Love you all and I hope this helps someone who might be struggling with their skin!

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