ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Cleansing Oil 200ml

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Why ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Cleansing Oil 200ml works

For those looking for an oil-based cleanser that is light and fresh and does not leave any residue
For those who need a convenient skin cleanser that effectively removes makeup and excess sebum for a healthy-looking skin

Evening Primrose Oil: Enhances skin's elasticity and can help treat pimples, nodules, and blackheads
Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Locks in skin's moisture to prevent dryness
Avocado Oil: Hydrates and moisturizes skin
Grape Seed Oil: Can help repair sun damage and boost collagen production
Bergamot Oil: Soothes skin irritations, minimizes the look of scars and other marks on the skin

A non-greasy cleansing oil that regulates the oil-moisture balance of the skin to provide a clear and nourished skin appearance
Quickly removes impurities without drying the skin
Safe for sensitive skin with its skin soothing ingredients

ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Cleansing Oil 200ml