🔥 COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule 30ml ❤️ COSRX New Launching Ampoule!🚰

Hi there! GLADPICK here!

In this new post, we will present you with a complete comparison of the light ampoule full-fit propolis ultra-light ampoule and the existing ampoule Full-fit light ampoule from COSRX.


It's a 'chewy' ampoule type that's soft and glossy when you apply it on your skin.
Recommended for those who want to take care of skin that 
lacks moisture or light skin in hot weather. 



Also recommended for those of you who are worried about dry skin. 🚰🚰🚰

Propolis Ultra Light Ampoule

Propolis Ultra Light Ampoule is also effective for hydrophilic and oily skin because it helps to keep your skin dry easily. Light ampoule keeps your skin moisturized and cool.There are two types of COSRX propolis ampoule that are perfect for your skin type, skin condition, and season!