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[23 Years Old] Water Pack (4 sheets)

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About this product

1. Saline solution pack is a skin calming pack using 'sterile physiological saline' that can be used for medical purposes for injection of alcohol rather than 「s saline solution for lens cleaning, which is generally easy to purchase. Saline pack is known to be effective for soothing and moisturizing the skin, sunburn, contact dermatitis, itching, and narrow acne. A solution of water pack, such as a saline pack, consists of the same weight ratio as normal saline solution and maintains a similar concentration to PH5.5's body fluid and acts comfortably on the skin to provide noticeable skin changes.
2. Calm down For people who don't have time to pack for a 10-minute skin rest, water packs designed for easy use before work and before going out are recommended to be used for 10 minutes. Use an optimized pure cotton fabric to hold enough solution to pack for 10 minutes and quickly clean and heat up the skin in just 10 minutes.If you use it for more than 15 minutes, your skin may lose moisture, so it is recommended that you keep the recommended time of use for use.
3. The rapid sedation water pack contains only the minimum ingredients needed to soothe the skin in order to maximize the calming effect of the skin. It is recommended to apply moisturizer if dry after using a water pack because purified water and salt (sodium chloride) contain compound water and glucose (glucose) in the same proportion as saline in a pure cotton sheet that is comfortable for the skin and moisturizes the irritated skin..

Suggested Use

Use in the evening. Prep your skin with toner after cleansing.
Spread an even layer across the entire face.


Main ingredient

Purified water, sodium chloride - Helps soothe skin and relieve irritation

Glucose - nourishment

Ingredients purified water, glucose, sodium chloride, green tea extract, omeija extract, ginger extract, yellow lotus root extract, Spanish licorice root extract, alantoin, butylene glycol, glycerin, 1,2-hexandiol, caprylicyl glycol, sodium citrate, sodium citrate, citrate, and citron seeds.

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