[A'PIEU] Deep Clean Foam Cleanser (MOIST)

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Why [A'PIEU] Deep Clean Foam Cleanser (MOIST) works

[A'PIEU] Deep Clean Foam Cleanser is a foam cleanser that contains baking powder and carbonated water to leave your pores squeaky clean! Battles against oily looking skin to leave you feeling refreshed and energized! 😊

- The foam adheres perfectly to you skin to ensure perfect cleansing

- Offers a gently yet effective cleanse that will leave you feeling better than ever

- Contains baking soda and carbonated water to ensure a deep cleansing effect.

Suggested Use
1. Work up a lather and gently massage following the contours of your skin

2. Roll in the opposite direction of your fine hairs

3. Rinse with warm water