[ATOPALM] Face Cream 35ml

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Why [ATOPALM] Face Cream 35ml works

Need a powerful moisturizing cream that does not cause irritation on your precious face? 🤔
Enjoy healthy care for facial skin sensitivity and dryness! 👍
[ATOPALM] Face Cream forms a protective membrane, strengthens the skin barrier, and leaves skin moist for long!
Gently moisturize face that is prone to dryness because of frequent irritation caused by product use. ✅

Suggested Use
After washing the face, dispense the right amount, and gently apply [ATOPALM] Face Cream onto facial and neck skin.
With a viscous quality that allows easy application on the face, it is easily and gently applied as well as instantly absorbed by skin, thus leaving a refreshing feel.
It can be reapplied several times, burden-free.