[Beauty of Joseon] Calming Serum (30ml): Green Tea + Panthenol

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Why We Love It

Mugwort extracts helps enhancing soothing effect for the skin. It helps reduce the visible signs of skin sensitive such a itching and burning significantly. It is also known as vitamin B5 that helps skin to defend itself against external stresses, keeps skin barrier healthy.


What it is : A calming serum enriched with naturally-derived calming & moisturizing ingredients

Calming Solution : Green tea leaf water 76.49% + Panthenol 2%

Notable ingredients : - calming & soothing : Artemisia vulgaris extract, Centella asiatica extract - moisturizing & hydrating : Glycerin, Sodium hyaluronate, Propolis extract

What are the efficacy of green tea?

1. Soothing and Anti-wrinkle The main component of green tea, EGCG (catechin), is composed of tannins and polyphenols. It is known to effectively improve skin damaged by UV rays. UV rays are the main cause of skin darkening and stimulate aging. Catechin suppresses the synthesis of the melanin pigment caused by UV rays and removes free radicals that promote aging, thereby helping to keep skin clearer.

2. Skin brightening Did you know that green tea is surprisingly rich in vitamin C? Green tea contains a large amount of vitamin C, 5-8 times more than lemon, which is s core component needed to make skin bright.