[BY ECOM] Honey Glow Cera Cream 50ml

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Why [BY ECOM] Honey Glow Cera Cream 50ml works

3-in-one functional cream making honey glow skin texture and filling moisture elasticity deep into the skin instantly

1. Moisture Elasticity Care with Vitalizing Collagen Blackberry collagen complex fills moisture elasticity into the skin by vitalizing collagen and elastin fibers
2. Put all the Good Ingredients; Propolis, royal jelly and honey extracts that are highly effective on antioxidative effect prevents skin aging and completes baby face skin texture!
3. Good Ingredients, Safe Prescriptions All the ingredients in EWG green level, 0.000 non stimulating result of skin irritation test
4. Honey Glow Skin Moisturized From the Inside Immediate solution of skin dryness by water jell fitting system

Suggested Use
Take an appropriate amount twice a day in the morning and evening and spread it evenly over the skin.


[BY ECOM] Honey Glow Cera Cream 50ml