[Cell Fusion C] Stick Sunscreen (Sun stick) SPF50+/PA++++ (19g)

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Why [Cell Fusion C] Stick Sunscreen (Sun stick) SPF50+/PA++++ (19g) works

스틱 썬스크린 SPF50+/PA++++ 19g


Safe sun care formula with free-emulsifier for sensitive skin Azulene (treat and regenerate burned skin) used in ointment gives immediate calming effect with 60% of moisture essence. Vegetable protein: to promote creation NMF in the skin. A moist, cooling sunscreen that protects the sensitive and dry skin from harmful UV rays. The water-holding formula keeps the skin moist with the ample moisture of the blue soothing essence. The fresh and moist, blue sunscreen soothes the sensitive skin with ample cooling moisture.

Directions Apply a fairly abundant layer of cream on the face half an hour before sun exposure. Repeat every 2 hours.