[CLIO] Kill Cover Conceal Cushion Set (4 Colors)

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Why [CLIO] Kill Cover Conceal Cushion Set (4 Colors) works

클리오 킬 커버 컨실 쿠션 13g

A moisturizing ampoule and concealer in cushion. Full coverage foundation and moisturizer in one formula This moisturizing foundation with full-coverage pigments of a concealer delivers completely flawless coverage. The rich moisturizing properties of Belgian Spa Water prevent moisture loss and minimize damage to the skin barrier while keeping skin firm and healthy. Moisture-rich pentavitin ampoule seamlessly melts into skin, keeping it moisturized all day

Suggested Use

Use in the sunscreen step after your basic skincare routine. (It works as sunblock, makeup base and foundation.) Put a good amount on the puff by pushing it against the sponge and dab it gently on the face.


[CLIO] Kill Cover Conceal Cushion Set (4 Colors)