[CNP Laboratory] Vita-B Energy Ampoule 15ml

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Why [CNP Laboratory] Vita-B Energy Ampoule 15ml works

CNP 차앤박 비타-비 에너지 앰플 15ml
Vita-B Energy Ampule helps bring light to your complexion with the double-brightening function of 7 Vita-B Complex (Niacinamide) and Glutathione (added for its intensive whitening ability), resulting in a pink and vivid skin tone. Using Cherry Blossom Water instead of purified water for a more moisturized effect, notice a shiny pink complexion with lightened skin tone after use.

Suggested Use

Using 3 – 4 drops of ampule concentrate, apply evenly to the entire face and gently pat in for full absorption.
To be used as the first step of skincare after toner. Product may be re-applied during the day for replenishment of nutrients to the skin.

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