[ILLIYOON] Probiotics Skin Barrier Essence Drop 200ml

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Why [ILLIYOON] Probiotics Skin Barrier Essence Drop 200ml works

-Essence that cares for sensitive skin and strengthens the skin barrier with lactobacilius soluble ingredients.
-lactobacillus soluble ingredients derived from kimchi strengthen the skin barrier and help maintain the skin's original strength.
-Fresh fragrance and texture without stickiness. Apply lactobacillus directly to the skin.
-Water type essence formation : Applies moisture easily to a wide area with only one drop.
-Allergy tested for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenically tested, dermatologically tested and eye irritation replacement tested.

Suggested Use
Take an appropriate amount, gently apply to the skin and absorb.
*You can easily spread over a wide area using just one drop.