[Innisfree] 5-Minute Green Tea Leaf Powder Face Mask 70g

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Why [Innisfree] 5-Minute Green Tea Leaf Powder Face Mask 70g works

A 5-minute green tea leaf mask with moisturizing + soothing + brightening.
This skin purifying green tea leaf mask, that removes old keratin with its natural exfoliating ingredients and soft powder, to make smooth skin texture. The subtle scent of green tea ease the skin as the Beauty Green Tea moisturize the skin. Powder type formulation allows fresh care every day. The powder instantly turns into pack formulation when mixed with toner or water.

Suggested Use
Gradually add toner to the powder and mix with finger. Apply on entire face when it forms a consistency of a facial pack. Massage entire face after 5 minutes as you rinse off with lukewarm water.