[Innisfree] Brightening Pore Spot Treatment 30ml

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Why [Innisfree] Brightening Pore Spot Treatment 30ml works

- Daily use blemish care whitening functional spot treatment that cares for visible blemishes to clean the skin surface and make it even.
- It contains Jeju Hallabong bark extract to make the skin clean and elastic and care for the flaw to make the skin bright.
- Vitamin B3 derivatives provide intensive care for melanin, while Vitamin C and B5 derivatives keep skin healthy and deliver moisture rich in hyaluronic acid.

Suggested Use
1 Spread it on areas of concern part, or thicken the spots on visible spots.
2 If you want a quick brightening effect, mix with serum at a 1: 1 ratio and apply to face
At the last stage of skin care, apply a moderate amount on face evenly.