[Innisfree] Jeju Root Energy Mask (8 Types) 20g

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Why [Innisfree] Jeju Root Energy Mask (8 Types) 20g works

-The vegan mask sheet made from naturally derived cellulose adheres closely to skin to facilitate infusion of essence.
-Contains 5 Hyaluronic Acid Complex to embue skin with long lasting moisture energy.
-Oil Infusion method allows nutrients to be well retained for optimum effect.
-Available in 3 textures to suit different skin types and uses.

#Carrot - Brightening & Moisturizing (Water Essence Type).
#Beet - Vitalizing & Clearing (Water Essence Type).
#Potato - Moisturizing & Soothing (Water Essence Type).
#Burdock - Clearing & Soothing (Ampoule Type).
#Kohlrabi - Brightening & Firming (Ampoule Type).
#Lotus Root - Smooth Skin & Firming (Ampoule Type).
#Ginger - Moisturizing & Nourishing (Cream Type).
#Yam - Radiant Skin & Moisturizing (Cream Type).

Suggested Use
1 After cleansing apply toner on your face to even out the skin tone.
2 Apply the sheet mask evenly over the face, starting from the nose and eye area.
3 Leave on for 10-20 minutes then remove the sheet.
4 Gently massage the remaining essence until fully absorbed.