[Innisfree] Truecare CICA Intensive Balm 40ml

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Why [Innisfree] Truecare CICA Intensive Balm 40ml works

A gel type balm formulated with high-purity Centella asiatica 4X to protect the skin from external stimuli and resolves complex skin troubles.
High-purity ingredients made with compressed Centella asiatica.
Step by Step real spot care
Cica intensive Night is a dual-function product with anti-wrinkle and brightening. to even moisturizing and tone correction.
Contain 89% natural ingredients
Non-Comedogenic(that means 'do not cause acne') test completed

Suggested Use
Spot care :
Apply a thick layer over the troubled area.

General Care :
If you want to apply it on entire face, start with using on small areas first. After the adaptiation period, If there is no other abnormality, spread it evenly throughout the face during the step between essence and cream.