ROUND LAB 1026 Dokdo Mask 25ml (10p)

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Why ROUND LAB 1026 Dokdo Mask 25ml (10p) works

A moisturizing and soothing face mask that soothes irritated skin while replenishing moisture for a dewy and clear complexion
Drenched in dense essence that moisturizes and soothes skin
Winner of 2018 Hwahae Beauty Award in the sheet mask sector
A skin-friendly, natural bio-cellulose sheet that thoroughly moisturizes skin

Helps balance moisture in skin with minerals derived from the deep sea water around Ulleungdo
Delivers strong moisturizing power for effortless dewiness with three different types of hyaluronic acid
A moisture-locking bio-cellulose sheet that seamlessly adheres to skin for thorough moisturization
Calms and protects irritated skin with panthenol, allantoin, betaine, centella asiatica extract, and trehalose

ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Mask